Gol-e Gohar Mining Zone With its rich iron ore mines as one of the most prominent active mining poles in the Middle East, it has the potential to become a large and competitive area in Iran and even worldwide. These mineral deposits are located in Kerman province, 50 km southwest of Sirjan city. The existing traces and the remaining excavations in the deposit indicate that it has been identified and exploited in the past centuries. The approximate age of a sample of old blast furnace slag that has been used in the Gol Gohar ore has been estimated to be around 900 years. In the contemporary period of discovery and pursuit of Gol Gohar iron ore project was started by private Iranian company Barite in 1348 and then continued with the cooperation of Japanese Maroboni Company and since 1973 it was transferred to National Steel Company of Iran. Gol-e Gohar iron ore deposit is located in six separate anomalies with a reserve of about 1200 million tons in a range of approximately 10 km in length and approximately 4 km in width. Exploitation of mineral mass No. 1 is carried out by Gol Gohar Mining and Industrial Company, a large part of which has been extracted.

The preliminary stages and engineering studies of the 5 million tonnes of iron ore extracted annually from the No. 1 mine and 2.5 million tonnes of concentrate were started by the National Iranian Steel Company in collaboration with Swedish Grangs as a consultant. Operation of Concentration Production Lines 1 and 2 started on 1 January 1994 by the Honorable President Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani with a nominal capacity of 2.4 million tons and after obtaining the approval of the Economic Development and Development Council, the capacity to 3.5 Millions of tons have been increased and the exploitation of line 3 of iron ore processing has commenced in October 2004 with the presence of Mr. Khatami, President of the Republic, during the past years due to the need of the country's steel plants to increase the capacity of existing iron ore concentrates and The development of new lines has always been on the agenda of corporate executives until the capacity of the three lines is already available. The van has been upgraded to more than 6 million tonnes. In line with the development of the new Gol-e-Gohar lines, a 4-mill plant (Polycom) project to produce concentrate and recycle crushing recycling circuit of existing production lines with a capacity of 2 million tons of concentrate was started in 2008 and in July 2011 by the Honorable President. Dr. Ahmadinejad was officially put into operation. Gol Gohar Mining and Industrial Company, due to the mineral reserves of the region and due to the lack of concentrates in the country and in line with its vision for the year 1398, commissioned the production and construction of 5, 6 and 7 concentrate production lines. Implementation of the project, designed to produce 6 million tonnes of concentrate per year, began in 2010, and lines 5 and 6 were commissioned in 2015 with the presence of the first vice president. Gol Gohar Mining and Industrial Company continues its development path in order to optimize the use of tailings generated by production lines as well as sulfurization of production concentrate, plan to build a dry tailings recovery line with a production capacity of 350,000 tonnes per year, a tailing recovery line. Wet to the capacity of 220000 tons per year and a sulfur depletion to the capacity per year started in 2005 and completed in the first half of the year 89. Gol Gohar Mining and Industrial Company to complete its value chain and anticipate high sulfur in iron ore and its gradual increase in the future which would hamper sales of concentrate and accelerate steel production per unit. The country's steelmaking, the growing need for iron ore pellets and the widespread use of pellets in high kilns in Iran and elsewhere in the world, the establishment of a pelletizing unit in the vicinity of Gol-e Gohar mine was considered. Initial studies of the pelletizing unit with a capacity of 3.2 million tons began in 1994 and after several stages of negotiations with foreign companies and finally a capacity change of 5 million tons in 2010, the President of the Republic officially opened and benefited. The vector started from that. Other important factories include Pellet Plant No. 2, which has a capacity of 5 million tons and is built by the German Autotech technology. Operation of this plant, which is one of the best and best pelletizing lines in the world, started in 2012 and was commissioned by Dr. Jahangiri, the first vice president in November 2016.

Goharroosh Sirjan Company with over twenty years of experience is the largest company in the field of iron ore concentrate production and with technical and engineering approach since 1999 in Gol Gohar area in the field of operation, supply of parts, maintenance and repair of production lines and construction of concentrate production plants. EPC is working.

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