Due to the increasing need of the company for sports facilities and the lack of these spaces in the city, the board of directors and the CEO decided to build one of the best indoor and multifunctional sports complexes for the well-being of the personnel. Purchased from the best urban areas around which Sirjan sports complexes are located and taking into consideration the highest standards of the day technically and qualitatively build a stadium with a capacity of 3130 people with indoor dimensions of 24 * 44 meters with the highest quality Construction materials began in January 1977.

The auditorium is over 2000 square meters and will be used for the construction of side halls such as gym, billiards, ping pong and so on. All amenities of the two rival teams are similar and separate. It maintains a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius a year. The most durable skeleton and standard welding for earthquake resistance is another feature of the complex. A stadium in the near future can host provincial, national and even international competitions.

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