Purpose: To use microcyclones and prevent dust loss due to the electrostatic separator outputs of the condensing plant that could have been trapped in the production cycle if the hematite recovery and desulfurization plant had been collected; The use of this tailing was key in the condensing plant.

The benefits of implementing this plan in addition to using concentrate dust were the prevention of the layoff of more than one hundred experienced and experienced hematite recovery plant personnel after collection.

In this one-year and completely indigenous contract, Ronak Company has been designing and engineering, and purchasing, supplying and executing Sirahroush Company. Operation of the plant started in March 2016 on a land of 1000 square meters in three floors with a steel frame weighing 800 tons and was put into operation after eleven months.

Condensed plant dust project offsets the reduction in production caused by hematite recovery plant collection and the ability to deliver pelletizing plant feed to 800,000 tons of concentrate with grade, blain, moisture and optimum quality.

The plant was able to achieve a reputation in the first month after being put into operation by the proper construction, implementation, and installation of qualified production and repair personnel.

One of the prominent features of this project is the lack of foreign exchange and the construction of 100% equipments and parts made by capable children of Iran, which is a powerful symbol of attention to the resistive economy and localization capabilities of our country.

Thanks to God and with the careful and detailed vision of Goharroosh Health & Safety Unit Experts and Supervising Employer Health & Safety Unit, during the construction of this project, Gahroosh Company achieved the highest possible score in occupational safety and health index And the health of the Gohar Mining and Industrial Company so that no cost or injury was sustained during the execution of the personnel working, which is one of the highest achievements.

Goharroosh Sirjan Company, while thanking the gods of Manan, is confident that Gohar Gohar Mineral & Industrial Complex will be responsible for the construction and operation of other projects such as in the past as well as in the future. Strong arm title for Gol Gohar Company.

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