Operation of lines 1 and 2 started in 1994 with nominal capacity of 2.4 million tonnes and with the approval of the Economic Council and with the development and optimization, the capacity of the production lines increased to 3.5 million tonnes per year. Capacity of 2 million tons; total production of concentrate reached 6 million tons per year. In this plant, iron ore sludge with 50% grade was sucked into the production lines after being crushed in a 200 mm gear crusher and passed through the production process. It is converted to an iron ore concentrate with a high content of 67% at the size of 600 microns. More than 530 people work directly on these lines.

 The beginning of the contract of operation, supply of parts and equipment as well as maintenance and repair of these production lines is from March 1999 with Goharroosh Sirjan Company.

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