1- Crusher machine with capacity of 2000 tons per hour (1 machine) Giratory Crusher 2000 tons / h
2. Stacker 2000 ton / h (1 unit) Stacker 2000 ton / h
3. Harvesting machine with capacity of 2000 tons per hour (1 machine) Reclaimer 2000 tons / h
4- Crushing or dry condensing lines consist of three separate lines and include the following equipment:

1- Semi-self-propelled mills with a capacity of 800 tons per hour (3 machines in two separate lines) Semi-Auto Genius Mill 800 tons / h
2- Hot air burner manufactured by Pillard Company to heat the material (3 units) Hotgas Generator
3- Material conveyors (7000 m long conveyor belt) (20 sets) Belt Conveyor
4- Magnetic Separator (24 sets) Dry Magnet Separator
5- Material Storage and Intermediate Silos (8 pcs) Ore Bin
6- Suction / Blower and Combustion Fans (9 units) Air Fresh & Suction Fan
7- Clasifire & Cyclon Separators (15 sets)
8. Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) 3
9. Wet Scrubber (3 units)
5. The crushing lines of the mud or wet material section consist of three separate lines and include the following equipment:

1. Wet mills with a capacity of 200 tons per hour Hot Gas Generator 200 tons / h
2-Wet Magnetic Separator with Capacity of 120 Ton / h (18 units) Wet Magnet Separator 120 Ton / h
3- Concentrator dryers (GearDisk Filter Humidity) (4 sets) Disc Filter
Vacuum Pump Devices (4 Vaccume Pumps)
(5) Mid Bin Material Silos (3 sets) Ore Bin
6- Intermediate Silo Feeders (3 sets) Ore Bin Feederes
7- Belt Conveyor conveyor (9 sets)
8- Concentrate storage silo (1 ton concrete 4000 ton) Concentrate Bin (Concentrate)
9. Tail Bin (Concentrate)
10- Loading concentrate (1 ton concrete 4000 ton) Loading Bin (Concentrate)
11- Transfer Tower Station (1 unit)
12. Stacker / Reclamer Machine (for stacking and removing concentrate from bottom) (1 machine) Stacker / Reclimer
13. Other auxiliary equipment such as compressor, power stations, control and power rooms, and air conditioners ...
14- Fuel station: including six 1,000,000 liter tanks for storing fuel oil and diesel fuel with associated home pump for fuel transportation and storage.
15. Spare parts equipment warehouses, repairs, maintenance and office building.
Therefore, in order to maintain and optimize the production bottlenecks in this large production complex, the company has made the following optimizations, which are briefly:
1. Eliminate bucket-mounted elevator units that were designed as a large bottleneck and replace them by designing, fabricating and executing three sets of conveyor belts and transferring materials to the intermediate silos through this conveyor.
2. Remove, design and build two new intermediate silos and connect all of these silos to each other for greater capacity utilization.
3. Design and use of salt water instead of raw water due to scarcity and optimum use of fresh water in the area of ​​mine salt substitution design which is an intruder in the mine for drilling and saving of raw water consumption by operating a machine. Pumping the house and transmission lines to the plant and utilizing the sites at about 2000 m3 / day saved the raw water consumption.
4. Replacement of polyethylene pipes instead of carbon steel which has caused severe crushing is another project implemented in the factory.
5. Design and construction and installation of a conveyor belt (CV 104 / B) with a length of 1400 meters to transfer inputs to feeding silos in parallel to the belt conveyor (CV104) which has increased the capacity of the plant to double its load.
6. Design, optimization and removal of circulating load on dry mills that increase the efficiency and feed input to the mills by 40% and increase the production of concentrate up to 20% and decompose 50% iron ore deposit Plans have been successful.
7. New non-structural construction of all inlet and outlet conveyor belts that crushes and consumes excessive wear and tear and replaces with abrasion.
8. Replacement of industrial anti-abrasion ceramics in most abrasive clones and classifiers that have been worn and abundant.
9 - Launching the third line of development plan at a very fast pace, based on the previous experience of its personnel to achieve 100% efficiency in the first month of production.
10- Replacement of most exterior parts with interior parts and achieve the desired and competitive and even more with exterior type
11- Manufacture of two types of external pumps with internal facilities and use in production lines
12-Design and construction and installation of a 40 m conveyor (13 CV 103) for direct feed when stopping the recycler machine for loading the mills and preventing non-stop lines
13. Design, construction and installation of a conveyor unit with a length of 40 m (13 CV 106) and circular shot and change in design of a conveyor unit (13 CV 131) for the transfer of middel material to the tailings conveyor and concentrate while stopping the middel lines and mills which prevent Drying out of production lines
14- Designing and modifying existing conveyor designs to increase the load capacity and utilize more capacity to increase production.
15. and other minor changes and changes to the process and software of the control and electrical software that are fully visible and reviewed in Gol-e Gohar when needed.

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