The proprietary fourth line cone crusher control system, which was exclusively owned by Swedish company SANDVIK, was costly and time consuming due to the sanctions imposed on the hardware and its use of software and imposed a heavy financial burden on the company. The company supplied its crosshairs with a proprietary ASRI control system that was made purely by SANDVIK and was not economically viable at all. Therefore, due to the needs and problems of this system, the personnel of electrical unit and instrumentation of Goharroosh Sirjan Company were localized and its program changed.

Important Benefits of Changing the Control System:

- Avoid multi-month equipment stops

- Reduce costs and accelerate the supply of spare parts

- Prevent currency exit

- Localization and troubleshooting ability

- Using integrated factory system instead of several separate systems

- Ability to monitor closely the performance of the system and change its conditions if needed

- Reduce maintenance costs and repairs


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