On Sunday, December 24, 2010, Mr. Jamshid Malar Rehman, the Honorable Managing Director of Gol Gohar Mining and Industrial Co., intrigued to visit the fourth line of concentrate production (Polkam) and had a close conversation with the plant manager and personnel. The stone, which is next to the condensing plant, is being built and visited during the construction process. Then, together with the Vice President of Operation Goharroosh (Nekui Engineer) and the Production Manager (Antique Engineer) and other Concentrate Manufacturing Managers and Managers attended the conference room. Gahroush's company administration attended an intimate meeting with staff.

Engineer Malar Rehman wishes success and health to Goharroosh Group; they have considered this company as a powerful arm of Gohar Gohar and added: Believe in yourself and your forces and bring valuable knowledge and experience to the region and in this way the world's technical know-how. And the potential of foreign companies for new training.

Engineer Ali Mahmoud Abadi, CEO of Goharroosh Company, also thanked Goharroosh as one of the oldest companies in Gol Gohar region, who has always tried to share his knowledge and skills with other companies. They praised Gol Gohar's trust in Goharroosh and added that today is one of the best days in Goharroosh's calendar.

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