Four-line Concentrate Concentrate (Polycam) Concentrate Strip Set for Resistance Economics to Reduce Pollutants from Smoke Loaders and Trucks and Maximize Concentrate Mining and Removal of Back Depot and Prevent Spillage The Gul Gohar Research and Support Center has been launched for the last time

The complex was designed by the technical office of Goharroosh Company and was completed and completed by the Polykam plant repair unit. According to engineer Sajjad Heidarabadi, Polikam plant manager said that the complex was made of scrap tapes used by Gul Gohar Company. Goharroosh Company has provided this cycle and will increase the productivity of bulletproof Asia. They thank engineer Mehdi Atiqi for the respectful management of Goharroosh processing and personnel and wish him success and great success in Goharroosh large complex. The Almighty demanded


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